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FSBO - "FREE" information to help you get your home "SOLD"

Information that you need when Selling Your Home Yourself

Below you will find a substantial and comprehensive package containing information, advice, instructions and selling tips. It will also direct you to free and inexpensive resources and services to help make the successful sale of your home a much more likely outcome.
You’ll find out what Real Estate Agents DON’T want you to know. This is not a mass produced document that and sold to every real estate agent that is willing to purchase it. This is a document that “I created in order to help you sell your home yourself”.
You can ask anybody who has tried to sell their home privately… The moment they put up a “For Sale by Owner” sign their phone started ringing. Unfortunately, most of those calls were from Real Estate Agents hounding them for the listing.
Like those “FSBO” you too will be subjected to that abuse (this package will not stop that). You are going to be subjected to hundreds of sales pitches by agents telling you how good they are and how you can’t possibly sell your home by yourself. They are not completely wrong…  Selling your home by yourself without the proper information is difficult.
You are probably more than a little sceptical.  Why would I do this?
1)     My goal is to build long lasting relationships based on trust, understanding and honesty.  I respect your decision to try and sell your home privately.  You have your reasons and I will not discredit them.
2)     Studies show that most people who sell typically buy again.  With that in mind hopefully we have built a strong relationship and you will consider using my services to purchase your next home.
3)     In the event you know of someone who does not want to take on the tasks of selling their own home or is looking to purchase a home.  You will feel comfortable enough to recommend my services to them.
Order this report NOW to learn what you need to know so that you can sell your home yourself.

FSBO Help-Kit and Blank Legal Documents

Due to the legal implications, I will not guide you through the process of filling out the legal documents.  REALTORS® are highly trained in creating legally binding contracts, guiding you through the processes, knowing what should and should not be disclosed, negotiating the best price possible in both the selling and purchasing of a home, protecting the interests of our principle (the buyer or the seller depending on who we are working for).  There is a reason REALTORS® charge what we charge, and I will not discredit you for attempting to sell your home privately (actually I'm impressed, so much so that I will give you the tools that you need to do it).  Please consider the following statement:  There is no way REALTORS® would still be around, well over "150+ years", if we were not worth, at the very least, what we charge... 

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